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Yikes: Student Who Says 'I'm Actually Really Interested in Finance' Not a Sellout, Just a Nerd


Photo by Fennster / CC0 

Wharton freshman Brett Michaelson recently told an upperclassman that he’s interested in finance while attending an information session for an investment banking club. It's not uncommon for Wharton students to say the same in order to make it sound like they're not singularly obsessed with money, but Brett is different—he really isn't obsessed with money, he’s just a nerd.  

Unfortunately for everyone around him, Brett loves arranging excel spreadsheets, researching market trends, and creating investment algorithms.

According to a friend of his, Wharton sophomore Kate Downton, he repeatedly tries to engage in financial conversation with his friends. As she told UTB, “He’s always like, ‘did you guys here about this potential spike in Venezuelan oil?’ and we all have to be like, ‘Brett we do not care.’”

“Sometimes we worry that he’s overly obsessed with finance. Like the other night we caught him in a GSR at 1AM scrapbooking. When we entered the GSR to see the photos he was compiling, we saw that they were all—to our dismay—pictures of market trends. I even saw him replace a picture of his family with a projection of Apple over the next year.” Damn Brett, get a life!