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Doctors Who Did Surgery on a Grape Give Talk at Penn Med


Graphic by Sophie Trotto / The Daily Pennsylvanian; Photos (with edits) from Pxhere, Max Pixel / CC0

Yes, they did. 

On Friday, Penn Medicine’s “Sutures and Sandwiches” program hosted the team of doctors responsible for doing surgery on that grape. 

The head surgeon of the procedure, Dr. Macon B. Crayzen, outlined exactly what went into doing surgery on a grape.

“These days, the medical profession is as much about social media disruption as it is about saving lives. We knew the resources going into this grape surgery would pay dividends later. So we did it. We did surgery on a grape.”

The audience in attendance was diverse, consisting of both prospective and current students of Penn Medicine. Questions ranged from the different paths each doctor took to be able to do surgery on a grape to more technical grape-related questions, such as “did you wash the grape beforehand?”

Looking to the future, Dr. Crayzen was optimistic. "With the rising cost of grapes, we're always looking for the next food product. Who knows, soon we could be doing surgery on a delicious Oscar Mayer Wieners™."