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Student’s Political Ideology Completely Changed After One Conversation With Drunk Uncle at Thanksgiving


Photo from Pexels / CC0

After being aggressively told to register to vote by Penn Dems, College freshman Patrick Moody had developed very strong political leanings. For months he had been training for the match up of his life, the inevitable debate with his drunk Uncle Jerry at Thanksgiving.

Jerry and Moody greeted each other cordially, but then the alcohol started to flow freely. Finally, all hell broke loose when the topic of the trade war came up.

Reports from the throw-down indicate phrases such as, “it’s what Reagan would have wanted,” “You’ll change your mind after you pay taxes on your first paycheck,” and “get me another beer” were used in the heat of battle.

“He took me totally by surprise” said Moody. “I had no idea he has spent the better part of his life crafting his argument on immigration. I just need to lie down and think about life for a while.”

Rumor has it that Moody has now come out in favor of privatizing the highway system.