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Kid Trying to Leave Group Conversation Says 'Alright' 4 Times


Photo by Vaibhav Sharan / CC BY 2.0

According to eyewitness reports, Joseph Sockless (W '19) abruptly started sentences with “alright…” four separate times last night while attempting to leave a group of friends in order to lie in bed restlessly for hours.

The first "alright" came as the group exited their Uber and arranged themselves in a circular formation on the street. Sockless believed that he could sneak out before the conversation escalated, but his quiet “alright” went unheard by the group as they began discussing their night.

The second ill-timed exit strategy occurred just as Sockless' friend began opening up about his struggling startup. Out of fear of seeming like a bad friend, the senior held his spot on the asphalt, swallowing the “alright” with pride, and reminded the friend of the three other ventures he could focus on instead. 

As the deep conversation winded to a close, Sockless saw his opportunity. “Alright...it’s getting lat—“ he began, before being interrupted by another friend. “Yeah we’re gonna be late to hang out at Brad’s. We should get going,” the friend announced.

Finally, after another five minutes of talking about what mixers they should bring to Brad’s, Sockless had had enough. 

“Alright," he declared, finally loud enough for his companions to hear, "That’s it. I’m not going. Goodnight everyone.” Sockless reportedly wandered off into the distance, like a heroic sunset fading over the horizon.