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OP-ED: I'm Looking For A Sugar Daddy Who Will Pay Me in Dining Dollar$


Photos (with edits) by truthseeker08 / CC0, geralt / CC0, Håkan Dahlström / CC BY 2.0

Listen, I’ve spent all but $9.24 of my Dining Dollar$ for the semester at Pret A Manger — sue me! The sandwiches are so goddamn good. But that transaction of 1 swipe for $4.87 in DD... I ain’t having it! 

Prospective sugar daddy, thats where you fit in. For the price of only one to two meals a day, YOU can receive all these benefits that come with my company: 

  • My (grimy) Romanian heritage  
  • My *silver* juul (use your own pod, tho) 
  • The ridiculous and off-putting stories of my Queens youth 
  • The necessary comfort of knowing that someone on this campus has her life less together than you do
  • also, my friends say I'm “fun n flirty :)"? 

Ask your Wharton friends: this is a deal and a half! If you’re interested, find me slumming it in Commons. Serious inquires only.