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Student Wakes From Nap In Refreshing State Of Delirium


Photo by m01229 / CC BY 2.0

Kylie Ortega was feeling drowsy as she headed home from class yesterday afternoon. Seeking to alleviate her tiredness, she laid her head down for a quick snooze.

Five hours later, Ortega woke up to a surprise. Instead of the rejuvenated, energized sensation she sought by taking a nap, she felt a sickening maelstrom of nausea and confusion.

Through her window, Ortega could tell that the sun had set. Frantically, she checked her phone and found 14 text messages and three missed calls.

Ortega had slept through three meetings, two classes, and one dinner reservation. 

When she excised herself from her sweat-drenched bed, the blood drained from her head rapidly and she lacked the balance to stand on two feet.

She then sat back down on the bed and enjoyed a restorative two hours of staring at the floor