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Nice: This Freshman's PAC is '6969'


Photo by Nathan Cowley / CC0

From the moment he received his PennCard that sunny August 22nd, Charles Chavez (C ‘22) knew he was cut out for excellence.

“I looked up my PAC on the first day of school, and I almost couldn’t believe my eyes,” Chavez recounted with a smirk. “Jackpot.”

His PAC code, which so happens to be “6969,” is highly sought after within the Penn community for its tantalizing sexual undertones.

“I don’t believe it! That bastard gets double 69s, but I’m stuck with ‘0420?’” cried Chavez’s friend, Phyllis Flint (W ‘22). “Life is so unfair!”

“Every time I enter in my PAC at the Quad gates, I make sure everyone has a clear view of my code,” Chavez said, cooly. “I also throw in a head tilt, and sometimes I make finger guns at the security guard. They know what’s up.”

These days, Chavez can be seen looking smug and compulsively uttering “nice…” every time he gets a 69 percent on an exam.

Reportedly, the young genius also set his phone password and bank account PIN to the same 4 digits.