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OP-ED: I'm Actually Playing This Computer Game to Distract My Classmates as a Form of Sabotage


Photo by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

There’s lots of ways students zone out during classes nowadays. The most popular options include iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, and doing the homework for other classes in which you also didn’t pay attention. Students who are aware that they will spend all of class messing around on their laptops often choose to sit towards the back of the classroom, whether it be out of shame, a desire for privacy, or the good intentions of not distracting your neighbors with the with of all your group chat responses.

Not me. I like to come in fifteen minutes, step over people’s bags to get smack dab in the middle of the third row, and open a full-screen game on my computer on maximum brightness. People may stare at me scornfully or send snapchats to their friends of the kid who is literally just sitting there and playing Civilization during class, and guess what? They’re falling straight into my trap.

See, when I go to class, I know I’m not going to focus. There’s just no way. However, I have classmates who do, and they tend to kick my ass every two weeks when exams come ‘round. That’s why I like to make sure that my distractions are equally distracting to everyone around me. It evens out the playing field. Of course, this class isn’t curved, so it shouldn’t really affect me how they do on their own exams, but it does affect me, and I’m never going to stop until every student in class is fixated on how my only strategy for this game is dropping an absurd number of atomic bombs on all my enemies.