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Quiz: Is That Smell Aged Gorgonzola Or Your Roommate's Sheets?


Photo from PxHere / CC0

1. How far away do you have to go to stop smelling this smell?

   A. I have to go outside, where I smell acorns and pierogies.

   B. I can only smell it in our room, but I haven’t ever left the room so it could be further than that.

   C. Smell? I thought I was looking for bagel recommendations on AskJeeves.

2. Are you getting musky, oaky notes, or more of a fermented urine with cotton vibe?

   A. Can't talk right now, I'm underwater.

   B. Smells like a mixture of my roommate’s sheets and aged gorgonzola. Tastes like raspberries.

   C. Jeeves, please procure me a list of bakers in the area.

3. How’s your roommate’s hygiene?

   A. I think he has a comb and some pans.

   B. He seems to like cheese. But not to eat it. It fills more of a stuffed animal role for him.

   C. how to make a bagel into an engagement ring

4. What’s your roommate’s favorite animal?

   A. Aged gorgonzola

   B. Sheets

   C. Jeeves how do I come off as wealthy even while proposing to a cab driver with a bagel ring

If you answered mostly:

        A: Looks like someone around you is carrying some juicy gorgonzola! Spin around in a circle three times and say “hocus pocus gorgonzocus” and they might just give you a nibble.

        B: Your roommate’s sheets smell seriously bad! Sit down with him and let him know that if he gets to have smelly sheets, you should too.

        C: Nana Ethel, please get out of my quiz. AskJeeves doesn’t even exist anymore, and you shouldn’t be using a bagel to propose to Wilfred the taxi driver, who you’ve only met once. I’m finally starting to make it as a quiz writer, and the last thing I need is you hijacking my work to ask your strange questions. Maybe we can talk about this when I come visit you in the spring, okay? All right. Love you. Bye.