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Thoughtful Roommate Leaves Dirty Pan Out for Next User


Photo by Lara604 / CC BY 2.0          

Local hero Dana Klein (C ’20) had both the environment and her roommate’s wellbeing in mind last Thursday when she left her dirty pan on the stove after cooking a somehow-burnt batch of scrambled eggs.

“I was about to wash the pan—I really was—but then I thought about the environment,” said Klein. “And also how the environment is in trouble. Conserving water is really important to me, or something.”

She also considered the effort required of her roommate to pull the pan out to use it again, explaining, “she’s been stressed recently, so I wanted to save her some time.” 

When asked about the possible scenario in which her roommate did not want to cook eggs, Klein seemed confused. “We only cook eggs,” she said.

Klein’s roommate was not impressed with the praise bestowed upon the hero, claiming Klein “always fucking does this” and that she herself “can cook more than eggs.”