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Sophomore Creates Spotify Add-on That Automatically Turns on Private Mode When You Listen to 'Mo Bamba' Before 8 P.M.

Graphic by Allison Kim / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Embarrassing! Sam Sun’s (C '21) Spotify followers totally saw him bopping to Sheck Wes’s "Mo Bamba" at 10 a.m.! “It helps me wake up,” he protested when asked about these claims. However, his friends were not impressed by his response. 

Sun is not alone in this problem. Yes, any normal human being would immediately turn on private mode. But for the technologically inept, a new Spotify add-on has been released. 

Jessica Nahuel (E ’21, W ‘21) was sick and tired of seeing "Mo Bamba" pop up on her Spotify social feed “in the middle of the goddamn day,” so she created an add-on which will immediately put a user in private mode if he or she is listening to "Mo Bamba" before 8 p.m.

“It’s free,” she stated. “It’s literally a free add-on. I don’t care how much time I spent working on it. The only compensation I need is to never have to see Suzy Quinn listening to 'Mo Bamba' when I know she is taking her morning shower post-Soulcycle.” 

Word on the street is that Nahuel will be creating another web add-on that immediately removes Facebook friends that post stories to the site.