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Wharton Professors Discover 9/10 Students Who Bullet Journal Are Psychopaths


Photo by Bich Tran / CC0

Wow! So your roommate who meticulously color-codes her planner, notes, and romantic letters to her mysterious lover isn’t the only one who displays psychopathic tendencies! 

Researchers at the Wharton Behavioral Lab have found a near perfect correlation between kids who bullet journal and kids say that growing up with a dog was “so annoying,” a proxy for psychopathy. 

Despite the robust nature of their findings, however, very few students expressed surprise. One student, who wished to remain anonymous, had expected her best friend of lacking empathy for quite some time.

“I looked through her journal once, and what I saw was horrifying,” the concerned student wrote to UTB. “Everything was perfectly color-coded, she wrote exclusively in Muji ballpoint pens, and her handwriting looked like it could’ve been a typed font. And then, one day, I saw her send a text to her boyfriend that made alarms go off in my head: ‘Ok.’ Perfect capitalization, with punctuation. Talk about crazy!” 

The scholars are currently researching other traits that can predict psychopathic tendencies, with being pre-med as another hypothesized indicator.