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OP-ED: I Drink, Wash My Dishes, and Bathe in Wawa Water


 Photo by Luke Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

Wawa water is not just for drinking. No, although there is no beverage more crisp and refreshing than this nectar of the gods, to pigeonhole Wawa water into the category of drink is to do it a grave disservice.

What other source of water flows so free? What other fluid saves students near death on Saturday evenings?

That is why I collect gallons of water from Wawa's generous fountain. I not only drink this water, but also bathe and wash my dishes with it. Traipsing from 38th street to Rodin, towing a Residential Services move-in cart filled to the brim with lidded cups, I may look the fool.

So be it. Let the onlookers laugh, for I know something they do not. There is no heaven on earth, but the closest I can come is through washing away the sins of the day with citrus soap and warm Wawa water.