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OP-ED: Wearing Allbirds Doesn’t Mean I’ll Work In Tech (But I Probably Will)


Photo by designmilk / CC2.0

I’ll say it. Penn has a problem with stereotypes. If you’re in Golden Geese or Common Projects, you’re in the scene. Bean Boots? Frat Star. Doc Martens and you probably don’t fall into those other two categories. But too often people assume I’m just another ‘Tech Bro’ because my shoes of choice are a pair Allbirds™ sneakers. Yes, they’re comfortable, and yes, they are machine washable. But just because it’s easy to match a pair of Allbirds™ with any outfit doesn’t mean I’m a match for Facebook or Google

Working at a small start-up this summer was actually much more enjoyable. 

Location matters with anything. Allbirds™ are made with 100% merino wool sourced from New Zealand. The heart of tech is supposed to be located in Silicon Valley. But despite the shoes I wear I have no plans at all to be living in California after graduation. I find New York City to be much more exciting, and WeWork makes it easy to find a working space. 

Well, I have to go. My boosted board just finished charging and I still haven’t listened to today’s episode of The Daily. But as I slip into a pair of shoes that feel like socks, just remember that my actions don’t necessarily constitute my career path.

Oh, by the way, that CIS 120 exam wasn't so bad, right?