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Report: Those Creepy Twins Wandering Around Fisher Fine Arts Seem like Bad News

Graphic by Jackie Lou / The Daily Pennsylvanian; Photos (with edits) by Avalon Morell / The Daily Pennsylvanian, from Warner Bros. / Fair Use

Spooky Szn may be over, but all the ghosts in Fisher Fine Arts are on the rampage to recruit some warm, new flesh to join the masses of souls doomed to forever walk the land of the living in a state of cursed limbo. Reports of translucent students from decades past, still studying for a midterm that will never come, have been flying in left and right.

Ordinarily, these ghosts just want to go “oooo!” in your ear or rattle the chains still leftover from Champagne and Shackles parties, but it is our duty as reporters to inform you that those creepy twins currently camping out in an abandoned seminar room seem like bad news.

This year boasts a record high number of students choosing to forgo their work in favor of playing with the twins forever, and ever, and ever, but we think that’s a bad idea. If you’re walking through the stacks and see two identical young girls in the same outfit waiting at the end of the hall, we recommend turning around and finding a different bathroom to use. If they roll a ball towards you in invitation to come play with them, under no circumstances should you pick up the ball. Leave the ball where it is, and quickly find your nearest adult.

Until Halloween 2019 has passed, try to avoid walking down any long, spooky hallways by yourself.