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Environmentalism Win! Penn to Replace Iconic Tampons Sculpture With Monument of Menstrual Cup


Graphic by Julia Schorr / The Daily Pennsylvanian; DP File Photo, LoveLux / Fair Use

In a surprising turn towards environmentalism, University officials announced last Wednesday that the iconic red "tampons" sculpture, which lives by the high rises, would be replaced by a monument to menstrual cups. 

“It was a total surprise, but so welcome,” said Jasmine Liang (C '19), who is on the executive board of Penn Menstrual Cup Enthusiasts (PMCE). PMCE is a student group for the celebration of menstrual cups, which are reusable silicone cups that collect — rather than absorb — menstrual blood.

In addition to “answering a long-overdue need to change out our tampons,” the official statement reported that the proposed menstrual cup replacement would also “present a smaller disturbance to the pH of the surrounding region, serve as a longer term solution to the area’s needs, and reduce landfill waste.” While the report did not elaborate on how the replacement would achieve these claims, initial reception has been positive.

“I’m excited to see how it goes,” said Savannah Leonard (W ’21), who lives in Harrison college house. “I’m a little apprehensive about how the University will insert it, but definitely interested in the concept.”