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Fancy Man Housemate Showing Off Nifty Little Espresso Doodad


Photo by Roland Tanglao / CC BY 2.0

The fancy, decadent man you share a house with is currently brewing espresso with his expensive, highly-specialized device.

Adorned with a rococo robe and frilly slippers, he is presently preparing a sumptuous espresso shot with his froufrou doohickey.

He is also pontificating about the Arabica beans he purchased for this very purpose at an obscure, sequestered roaster far off the beaten path, while operating his splashy gizmo with florid gestures.

Ostentatiously putting on the ritz with his chichi gadget, he is insistently offering you a swizzle of his decadent, heavenly elixir. 

It tastes like ass.