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Garfield Named Presidential Professor of Lasagna


Photo by JD Hancock / CC BY 2.0

Penn is adding yet another iconic public figure to its esteemed group of Presidential Professors of Practice.

Joining former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is Garfield the cat: the country’s preeminent lasagna expert and the star of the comic strip Garfield as well as the movie Garfield: The Movie.

University President Amy Gutmann appeared with Garfield at College Hall on Monday to announce his appointment: “We are so excited to work with someone who, while lazy, grouchy, and gluttonous, is still far more likable than Jeb Bush."

Speaking to the audience of students, Garfield expressed disdain for his new position.

“I only did the lasagna thing because it made me rich,” Garfield said. “I actually hate the stuff. Now I’m 40, which is disgustingly old for a cat, and I suffer tremendously from type 2 diabetes. But God still won’t have mercy on me and let me die.”

“I’m also excited to engage with the wonderful community and resources Penn offers,” he added.