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Generous Billionaire Calls Uberpool for Date


Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / CC BY 2.0

When Latisha Montgomery (C ’20) agreed to go out with Vanessa Rockefeller-Goldman-Sachs (W ’19), she assumed her date might be willing to spoil her a bit. 

The date appeared to be going well, with the two enjoying a dinner at the Bistro Romano, a top-rated romantic restaurant in Rittenhouse square. Montgomery had apparently even deleted the emergency text she had queued to her roommate — pls come rescue me — and was actually engaging in conversation. The pair went back to Rockefeller-Goldman-Sachs' apartment in Center City. 

A few hours later, Montgomery remembered she had an essay due the next morning. “I told her I was sorry I had to leave and that we should totally link up sometime," Montgomery explained. "I quickly discovered I had forgotten my Septa card, so I asked if she could call me an Uber.” Mongomery shuddered as she recalled what happened next. 

Rockefeller-Goldman-Sachs, the single heiress to a combined fortune of 173 Billion USD, called her an Uber — not just any Uber — an Uberpool.

In a blatant disregard for her date’s safety and wellbeing, Rockefeller-Goldman-Sachs called Montgomery a $3.50 Uberpool, rather than the $4.75 UberX alternative. 

Rockefeller-Goldman-Sachs, when asked for a comment, recalled that it was an honest mistake.

"I have a private driver, how was I supposed to know?" Rockefeller-Goldman-Sachs explained that she thought the Uberpool option “came with a pool in the car,” but acknowledges the slight logistical difficulty this might pose while driving around Philly. She has since apologized to Montgomery, and the two will be flying to Martha's Vineyard this weekend on Rockefeller-Goldman-Sach' (non-pooled) helicopter.