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I Love It by Kanye West Ranked #1 Song at This Party We Should All Discuss the Gendered Implications of Right Now on This Dance Floor


Photo by Alejandro Molina B / CC BY-SA 2.0

A recent poll at this party I was at concluded that I Love It by Kanye West ranked #1 song we should all discuss the gendered implications of right now on this dance floor.

In close second was Get Low (the "to the window, to the wall" song) by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, but participants in the study found the name of the song, in combination with the character count of the artists’ names, would be too long for the title of an article.

“It’s like, I know this song is a bop, and we’re all singing along, but I feel genuinely upset when I make eye contact with a guy I’m dancing with, and we’re both singing about how we're waiting for all of the bitches to crawl,” said one survey participant. “I just want to pause the music for just like two seconds and break it all down. Like, ‘hey friends, what’s happening here.’”

Participants in this study included me and apparently nobody else, because everyone seems to be fine with this?