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OP-ED: I Didn’t Get a Flu Shot, but It’s Okay Cause I Have a Cup of Green Tea Everyday


Photo (with edits by Sammy Gordon) from 1871454 / CC0 and skyrice / CC0

I consider myself an herbalist. No, not in the I-smoke-pot-everyday way, but more in my tendency to consume a small cup of single-origin green tea every day.  

I didn’t get a flu shot this year, because, one, I’m not a mindless zombie, and, two, I am 100% confident that I will remain healthy through the winter. The antioxidants and chlorophyll that green tea contains create a far more effective barrier between me and disease than a syringe filled with some infected child’s saliva or something.

Society may try and tell me I'm not a “healthy person” and that anti-vax activists have no scientific backing, but my balanced qi says otherwise.