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Girl Whose Parents Donated $20 Million Still Fucking Owes Me $30


Photo from StockSnap / CC0

Lauren Guerra (E ’20) is pissed off. After funding numerous Uber rides to and fro the clubs of downtown Philadelphia — and guilty of naively trusting that her fellow rider would Venmo her back — she wants her (parents’) hard-earned money returned! And the debtor? Well, she’s a girl whose parents donated twenty mil. 

“I literally pass by a plaque on Locust, etched with her family’s name, several times a day. I see her Instagraming trips to foreign countries that cost four times my net worth and somehow every single post fits her aesthetic. I'm not impressed though, I'm just reminded of one thing: how she still owes me my 30 fucking dollars,” Guerra shared. “Like are her finances not doing so well right now — which is totally fine, you know, I get it — or is she just like... weirdly stingy?” 

UTB reached out to the debtor, Wharton junior Veruca Sawlt, who responded to the accusation with, “sorry, but I don't really trust Venmo.