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Embarrassing: Penn Is Trying to Pass off a 1998 Dell PC as the ENIAC After Misplacing the Original


Photo by Jeff Keyzer / CC 2.0

Well, this is pretty lame. 

The enclosure in Moore where the Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer (ENIAC) is normally on display now contains a late-20th Century Dell desktop computer.

It is true that 1998 was a long-ass time ago, especially for computers, but come on. You really thought we wouldn’t notice the difference? 

The new computer is around 400 times smaller than the ENIAC and there’s a new sign that says, “This is the ENIAC. We wouldn’t lie to you about that fact, or lose the ENIAC at a party.” Hmmm.

A source close to the situation told Under the Button that “the Engineering dean brought the ENIAC to a party, got too drunk, and left it there.” Oof. 

Hopefully the ENIAC turns up — then Penn can stop making a fool of itself trying to pass off what is clearly  a 1998 Dell PC as the world’s first modern computer.