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E.D. Admitted Students Excited to Share That 'Yes, Penn Was my First Choice, and Not Because my College Counselor Said I Wouldn't Get into Princeton’


Photo by Julio Sosa / the Daily Pennsylvanian

This Thursday's release of early admissions decisions for the class of 2023 warranted immense tears, hugs and pride of the admitted students and their parents, who are proud to fork over that 50 grand for tuition (not including fees, housing, and dining!). 

Sarah Rosen, a student admitted from Farmingdale High School, shared with UTB: “Yes, I’m incredibly excited to join the Quaker family! There’s not one other community I’d rather be a part of!

“Not a single one!…Not even Princeton, if that’s what you were wondering. Who would want to be a tiger?” she questioned, “which is totally something I could’ve been, by the way.” 

Rosen leaned in, “I mean, I won Public Forum Debate Nationals. Princeton would’ve taken me. My college counselor just said Penn was a sure thing, so you know...” She pointed to her Penn t-shirt, “Penn 2023, so pumped!”

Rosen’s classmate and Princeton early-admit Sebastian Mann added, “Sure.”