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OP-ED: I Swear I'm Not Stealing Anything! I'm Walking Slowly Through Frogro Late at Night Because I'm Hella Indecisive


Photo by the Daily Pennsylvanian

When walking through Frogro at night, many Penn students find it difficult to make decisions. After all, there are only so many reasons someone would be at a Frogro past 11 at night and none of them involve good decision making skills. Whether you're drunk or just lonely, you don’t deserve to be judged every time you walk past the guy restocking aisle four, even if it is the fourth time you’ve walked by.

So you look a tad bit like you're trying to steal things, but so what you're wearing a fat coat and black sweatpants with a backpack. It's finals week — the weather is chilly and the grind never stops. Tell that dude on aisle four to mind his own damn business.

Why did you come to Frogro, anyways? For eggs? For a snack? For emotional support? Whatever your reasoning, learn to find peace in your indecision. Frogro is not a destination. Frogro is a journey.