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Meet the Wharton Grads Who Turned Down Wall Street to Launch Their Promising Startup 'Toys Were We'


Photo (with edits by Christopher Cherian) from Rawpixel / CC0

Wharton prides itself in its innovative culture. Many of its storied alumni have gone on to become industry titans and corporate giants. Wharton seniors Jadran Seong and Emily Lycus hope to join the famed ranks with their new startup “Toys Were We.” UTB sat down with them for an exclusive interview.

“Basically, it is a one stop destination for all your toy needs.” said Lycus. We are hoping to capture the appeal and wonder of children’s imaginations everywhere as we let creativity run wild in our stores.”

The duo were on the fast track to investment banking success, but they threw that all away to fulfill their dream of running the toy store of the future. “This is a unique business model. Currently, there is not a single store trying to do what we are doing.” claimed Seong. 

“We were able to find some really prime store locations all across the country for a great price. I’m not entirely sure why, something about a former tenant going bankrupt due to not being able to compete with Amazon. I’m sure we won’t run into that issue,” said Lycus.

UTB wishes the pair success and eagerly awaits to see results of their endeavor.