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Bookstore Escalators Return from Semester Abroad


Photo (with edits by Adam First) from Pixabay / CC0 

As The Daily Pennsylvanian reported early last year, visitors to the bookstore can expect to see many changes. As students returned to school a few weeks ago, they were incredibly excited to welcome back the bookstore’s infamous escalators Ernie and Carla, who just returned from their semester abroad.

The decision was made to send them to Milan so the two escalators could improve their world view, as 36th and Walnut is the only home they’ve known. While across the pond, the escalators subleted a space in the Piazza Portello Shopping Mall, between floors four and five. 

It was a good chance for them to elevate their academic and service abilities, really helping to take them to the next level. 

The trip was very informative for the both of them, and Carla is back with a new tapestry that they can’t wait to hang in the store. 

Unfortunately, the trip was not a complete success, as now their semester abroad is all the pair wants to talk about. Ernie was even overheard telling a student on the way to the second floor about how “wine in the US really just doesn’t compare.”

Not everyone in the bookstore is thrilled about the return. Paula, the elevator, is not looking forward to the decrease in usage due to the pair being back in the states. UTB reached out to Paula for comment, but a publicist told UTB that the elevator had “nothing uplifting to add.”