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OP-ED: SISTERS, This Rush is Super Sweet, but Does She Spark Joy?


Photo by Web Summit 2015 / CC by 2.0

Ladies, thank you all for coming to the rush meeting. We have an amazing group of girls this year, but our sisterhood cannot reach as far as the 200 girls still on the rush list.

Even though we have five entire days to get to know our rushes inside and out, it's hard to decide who gets to be an esteemed sister of Sigma Epsilon Chi. This year, to speed up the process, I think we should turn to our sister Marie Kondo for advice. Instead of asking yourself, "do I like this girl?" or "could this rush be a valuable member of Sigma Epsilon Chi?" consider instead the iconic question posed in Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, "does this rush spark joy?"

Hold the rush in your hands. Thank her for her service during the rush process. Consider, deeply, the fact that you are not choosing rushes to discard, but, rather, rushes to keep. Maybe then we'll get out of here by midnight.