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Sorority Engaged in Immersive Rehearsals of Live Action Rendition of 'Madeline'


Photos (with edits) by Pedro Szekely / CC BY-SA 2.0 and Natalia Joseph / Daily Pennsylvanian

Bonjour, betches! The semester is off to a global start for a group of Greek affiliated freshmen women.

Sixty gals started sporting a new accessory this week, and no it’s not a “Gucci” shirt with their letters. Don’t be silly: the apparel orders haven’t been made yet! Their heads are now being warmed by stylish berets a la “abroad in France changed me.” Tres chic!

However, this hat isn’t just a voluntary addition to their wardrobe. The women are actually taking performing arts to the next level by rehearsing day and night for a live action rendition of Madeline

Character development work for uniformed, Catholic boarding school girls is, as you can imagine, grueling. Thus, they have dedicated the six weeks until spring break to wholeheartedly morphing into French children. Preparation for the performance includes weekly Parc brunches, mixers with Euro Penn, and developing a rather dangerous addiction to cigarettes.

We’re still unsure why the berets are glitter glued with the names of the actresses, but we trust that the director has her reasons. Show dates are to come, so stay tuned!