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Anime Club Member Deciding Which Body Pillow to Take to Date Night


Photo by istolethetv / CC BY 2.0

There are many things to look forward to in a date night, like dressing up, dancing with your friends, and puking in an Uber. However, for some, date nights can be a significant source of stress.

Engineering senior and Anime Club member Chester Morrison is currently dealing with a universal struggle: deciding which waifu-illustrated body pillow to bring to his club’s date night.

“Hinata is so beautiful and we have great chemistry, but Sawako is such a good friend and so fun to dance with,” Morrison said. “They are both amazing waifus, and I sleep with both of them every night. It’s going to be really hard to pick one.”

Morrison said he often feels like his fellow Anime Club members have a much easier time finding and choosing dates to events.

“A lot of my friends are in monogamous relationships with body pillows or have a special friend they can take,” he shared.

Morrison admitted that none of them were in a particularly bad situation. “Of course, none of us have ever experienced a romantic connection with a human being," he said. "But who needs that when you can date an inanimate object that looks like a cartoon character?”

Though he was stressed about figuring out who to take to date night, Morrison noted that in the end, any decision would turn out fine. "Both of my waifus are great, and they literally can’t say no if I ask them.”