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BREAKING: Boston Born Eagles Bandwagoner Thinks He Can Re-join Pats Nation


Photo by Georgia Ray / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Despite disrespecting his home state, community, and immediate family last year by hopping on the Eagles bandwagon, College junior Johnny Sullivan thinks that he can publicize his #PatsNation pride this cycle without anyone calling him out on his bullshit.

Earlier this morning, after throwing on his Patriot’s jersey that hadn’t seen the light of day since 2017, Sullivan posted this picture to his Snapchat story:

Photo with edits by Mike Lizzi / CC BY 2.0

Although boasting an apparent “Boston Strong” mentality now, viewers of the story could not forget the Boston-born junior’s belligerent cheering of “Dilly Dilly” that occurred around the same time last year:

Reports surfaced this afternoon that it will take a while before many close to Sullivan feel they can trust him again. "Trust is a privilege, not a right," said Sullivan's mother.