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Meet the CIS 160 Student Who Hasn’t Slept Since Syllabus Week


Photo by Arman Murphy / The Daily Pennsylvanian

As careers in STEM grow more lucrative, more and more Penn students are majoring in CIS, or Computer and Innovation Science. Though many CIS classes are difficult, none is more notorious than CIS 160, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science.

Lucius Wein, a College junior minoring in CIS, is taking CIS 160 this semester. He has not slept since literally the first week of class.

“I’m not the best at this whole computer science thing,” he told UTB before chugging a can of Red Bull. “But honestly, I have no idea how anybody could possibly do well in this class. There has not been a single night since syllabus week when I haven’t had to stay up to finish a problem set.”

“I just really need to pass, and that’s not looking particularly likely at this point. Fuck.”

Sometimes I don’t even time homework do the because computers,” he continued, incoherently, before briefly falling asleep mid-interview.

Upon waking up a few seconds later, Lucius downed a 5-hour Energy and deftly cracked open another Red Bull. “Sorry, I really have to go now. I haven’t even started this week’s pset. God, I can’t wait to only take easy CIS classes from here on out,” he said before packing up his things and leaving as tears streamed down his face.

Lucius still has to take has CIS 121 to finish his minor. Anonymous sources in the CIS department chuckled and reported that he has no idea what’s coming.