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Aw: This Couple Is Matching with the Same Wheezing Cough


Photo by Rebecca Brown / CC BY-NA 2.0

Wow, talk about #couplegoals. This is the cutest thing we’ve seen from a Penn couple in a long, long time.

Nathan Figliacci (C ’19) and Clara Rollins (C ’20) met this summer. Things heated up quickly, and they started dating within a few weeks. 

They are practically inseparable. They eat, sleep, and even bathe together!

All of that time spent in close quarters is probably how they picked up their adorable matching cough.

If you see Nathan and Clara together these days, they both have a horrendous hacking cough that seems like it will not go away! Once they start, they keep coughing for minutes on end. Laughing, talking, and even drinking water can make them start coughing.

All of their friends love watching them hock loogies together and fill their mouths with sputum. Their phlegm is the exact same color! How cute is that?

Ok, Nathan and Clara are such a beautiful couple, and the fact that they share an upper respiratory infection is proof that their love is real. Do you wish you had a bae to share irritated pharynges, larynges, and sinuses with? Sound off in the comments!