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Whole Girl Gang Ready to Develop Deep Hatred of Each Other in Cabo This Spring Break


Photo by Andy Shao

This spring break, after finally following through on a pipe dream to vacation together, Talia Sanders’ whole girl gang is ready to develop a deep hatred of each other in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this spring break.

The group of five is prepared for the animosity to start simmering before they even get to the resort when they find out Becky Thompson forgot to check-in to the Southwest flight before getting to the airport. Sanders is pretty certain they'll all figure out they hate Thompson as they rush through security to catch their flight before the gate closes.

Mom-friend Carrie Peters is getting ready for the loathing to peak when the quietist of the bunch, Kristy Porter, gets drunk off piña coladas on the beach one afternoon and opens up about every time over the last three years the girl gang fucked her over. “She’s really going to start shit around 2 p.m. after Becky spills wine on her beach towel,” said Peters.

Sanders says she thinks the trip will go exactly as expected. “We’ll be warm, get drunk, and then take a very awkward and silent flight home back to Philly together, before trying to forget it ever happened.”