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Fraternity Plans Spring Break Trip to Southeast Asia to ‘Find Themselves’


Photo by Eric and Mary Ellen / CC BY-SA 2.0

Fuji Fraternity is planning their annual spring break trip. However, rather than acting like colonizers in Puerto Vallarta or destroying local culture in Mexico City, they’re going to take things in a different direction this year: they’re taking a tour of Southeast Asia to “find themselves” and marginalize others along the way. 

We asked John Smith (C '20), social chair, why he was planning on taking his brothers East instead of to the Caribbean. He told UTB, “We’re like, a really close knit group of guys, you know? So I think it’d be really important for us to like, meditate, and try to take some time to align our chakras and really explore our spirituality. Also I waited too late to get a hotel in PV.” 

The man-children are heading to Bangkok, even though most of them are pretty sure Pad Thai from Thai Singa is “authentic” Thai food. Then the boys are going to head to Cambodia, where they’re sure to offend locals and take saturated selfies in tank tops at ritual sites and temples. Finally, they’re going to explore Singapore to revel in the culture exposed to them when one of their girlfriends told them about Crazy Rich Asians.

This is sure to be an eye opening experience. Maybe one of them will even take a yoga class while immersing himself in the wonders of Southeast Asia. Chad Jones (C '21) also revealed to UTB that he’s excited to plan a themed party when the crew gets back. He assured UTB reporters it would not be appropriative in any way.