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Get You a Girl That Can Do Both! I Love Socialism and Urban Outfitters


Photo by Justin Wolfe / CC BY 2.0

I am a woke queen. I am the anti-racist, anti-capitalist, pro-immigrant, pro-income equality, anti-xenophobia, feminist, universal healthcare advocating warrior badass that you’ve been searching for. I have a Karl Marx shrine by my bed that I pray to every night, and you bet your ass you will see me at every march that exists (just check my insta story highlights!)  

And yes, I will look cute as fuck while doing it all. 

Catch me in high-rise BDG mom jeans and a sick red puffer jacket while I rant about how capitalism is single handedly destroying the health and wellness of the poor. 

If you see me screaming parts of Vladimir Lenin’s What Is to Be Done? in Huntsman, make sure to compliment me on my white Air Force 1s. And don’t worry! They were made TOTES ethically. Like definitely not in a sweatshop. I think. 

Workers of the world unite! But can you not, like unite SO much? I still want my crop tops. Thanks!