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Ignoring Venmo Requests Now to be Considered a White-Collar Crime


Photo by Pictures of Money / CC BY 2.0

New legislation in the state of Pennsylvania has officially made it illegal to ignore Venmo requests for more than 24 hours. 

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf gave an impassioned speech this week calling neglected Venmo requests an “epidemic” and a “total dick move, guys.” 

Many students are worried that this will infringe on their right to get things without having to pay for them. Amber Goodwin (W ‘22) shares this concern. “Just because I agreed to pay my friend for the wine she bought for our BYO," she asserts, "doesn’t mean I owe anyone any money.” 

Other students don’t realize why Venmo requests need to be responded to so quickly. “My housemates are so annoying about Venmo,” says Brett Long (E ‘20). “Why do they need the $1500 for the two months' rent they covered for me so soon? Just chill out — I’ll get it to you eventually.”

According to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr., “Venmo ignorers have been a scourge on this city for years. It is high time we bring justice to those who get in on a late-night group Postmates order and then make their friends hound them the next morning to pay for their Takis.”