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5 Notebooks That Will Stay Together Better Than Your Spring Break Plans


Photo by Dvortygirl / CC BY-SA 2.0

We all know your spring break plans are going to eventually fall apart, but that doesn't mean everything in your life has to as well. UTB has compiled a list of five sturdy notebooks that will stay together despite the fact that they have a paper due the Monday after spring break. 

1. Moleskin

This aspirational notebook may cost more than your groceries for the week, but it’s a small price to pay for what is arguably the king of notebooks. It can only be used (properly) by aspiring poets and comedians. I’m not sure if it’s even legal for anyone else to use Moleskins. One thing is for sure: it will hold up much better than your spring break plans.

2. Bullet Journal 

This journal is the Moleskin’s little brother with a huge chip on his shoulder. No one is really sure why it’s called a “bullet journal,” but it makes it sound awfully tough — tough enough to last longer than your plans to go to Puerto Rico with Jenny’s Architecture friends.

3. Five Star Spiral 1 Subject College Ruled Notebook 

How fitting that a notebook with an unnecessarily long name is also unnecessarily unattractive. This bulky notebook that reminds you of your exploration of the Canterbury Tales in high school English class, but that’s okay because it will certainly hold up better than your unstable plans to go to Mardi Gras with your crush (?).

4. Composition book 

Bounce even farther back in time to third grade with a composition book. “Are you a hipster, or extremely weird and immature,” people will ask you as you tote around this childish notebook. Even though it’s the most basic of all notebooks, it will still hold up better than your plans to go to Colonial Williamsburg with your roommates and get drunk in the mud pit.

5. The Notebook

This Very Bad Movie is not even a an actual notebook, but it will still hold up better than your plans to go to Mexico with the cute French man you’ve met once and are unable to communicate with due to the language barrier. You should probably just go home. Your parents would love to see you.