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Quad Freshman with Girlfriend in NCH Finally Understands Long Distance


Photo by Jon Seidman / CC BY 2.0

“The struggle is real,” according to College freshman Scott Rohde. Rohde came to college single and ready to mingle; he felt fully prepared for anything life threw at him. However, all of that preparation came to a grinding halt. He never realized his biggest challenge in college would be the residential housing system. 

When he found out his girlfriend lived in New College House, it suddenly felt as through their entire relationship had been put in jeopardy. Yet Rohde, being the optimist that his high school year book superlative said he was, knew he could make the best of the situation. 

Rohde can often be spotted walking his girlfriend home along Locust at the end of a long night. It is a walk that he does quite often, so naturally Rohde has become an expert resource for all knowledge of Locust. He knows it takes exactly seven and a half minutes to get from the lower quad gate to 34th and Walnut, which statues have been peed on by frat pledges, how many bricks are outside college hall, and exactly when in the night the giant seamstress returns to pick up her missing button.