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Report: 100% of People That Watch Super Bowl for Ads Are Quirky and Different


Photo from Pixabay / CC0 

A new report by Pew Research Center reveals that watching the Super Bowl not for the three hours of play but for the advertisements is classified as “unique behavior.” 

College junior Elena Farrell, part of this group of idiosyncratic individuals, disclosed, “I know this is like, so quirky, but to be honest, I only watch the Super Bowl for the ads. I’m not like other girls. Haha. Most of my friends watch the game for, you know, sports, but that’s soooo not me. Honestly, sports are kinda dumb.” 

While she liked almost all of the ads, her favorites included “that one with the M&M, that funny one with the beer, and the one with the babies.” 

When asked what types of ads where her favorite, she replied “the ones that make jokes! Those are so funny. I love those ads.”