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Okay, Be Honest: Would Ted Bundy Have Killed Me?


Photo by Donn Dughi / CC0

Alright, I need you to be really honest with me for just a second. I have a question I’ve been dying over lately —no pun intended.

Would Ted Bundy have killed me?

I mean, he was just so sexy with his wavy hair, bright smile, just a hint of a unibrow that made him even more relatable. Of course I understand that he is the embodiment of evil if he brutally assaulted and murdered at least 30 women, but you know I have a thing for bad boys.

The girls he killed were absolutely stunning – am I that pretty? Again, don’t dance around it. Just give me the truth. Ignore the pimple on my forehead when you answer. If I knew I was going to see Ted, I would’ve acne patched.

I can’t believe Zac Efron is playing him in that new movie. Actually, I can believe it, because he is literally my dream guy. You know, if he didn’t do all of those bad things, I guess.

So, would he have killed me or what?