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OP-ED: I Swear It Was a Deviated Septum. Dr. Blum Doesn’t Even Do Cosmetic Procedures.


Photo by Moose Photos / Pexels License 

Kayla, I swear to God. I didn’t get a nose job. I had a deviated septum and I honestly couldn’t breathe. 

Seriously, what the fuck? Stop telling everyone it was a nose job. My septum was so fucking deviated it wasn’t even funny.

Dr. Blum is a real doctor, a surgeon. He doesn’t do cosmetic procedures. He’s the best ear-nose-throat guy in South Florida. If I actually got a nose job, I couldn’t have gotten it from him. So just shut up. 

Kayla. Stop. You are being such a bitch. I didn't even need a nose job. I like my nose. Sure, it was a bit large and crooked. But I liked it.

My dad is a lawyer, and we are going to sue you if you don’t stop saying it was a nose job. 

Yeah, I deleted every photo of my face from before the surgery. What of it? I am doing a social media cleanse.

But, seriously though. It does look better, right?