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Friend Group Ready to 'Go Wild' and Sneak Bag of Skinny Pop Into Movie Theater


Photo from Pexels / CC0

Five Penn freshmen were reportedly “so freaking excited” to go to the movies last Tuesday evening. Cinemark was half-price, so Emily, Angela, Liam, Brandon, and Alexis were ready to have a wild night (Raquel couldn’t make it. She has an exam tomorrow, and she is so behind smh.).

The tight-knit friend group, which formed during ConnectED Quaker Days, wasn’t actually that looking forward to the movie, though. The students were mostly anticipating their planned Frogro run to buy movie snax.

Despite the risk of felony arrest, the friends were willing to bring the contraband into the theater. “Have you SEEN how much movie food costs?” said Alexis, whose parents donated $200,000 to the University last year. “Six bucks for a gallon of popcorn is ridiculous.” 

“Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of shoving a 5 oz. bag of cheddar cheese-flavored, air-popped popcorn in my sweatpants and waddling into the theater,” said Angela.

“I could honestly care less about what we’re going to see,” explained Liam. “Those Key and Peele guys are pretty funny, though, so I bet it’ll be good. Remember that time they said A-A-ron? Lol.”