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Gaga Googoo: This Big Baby Is Drinking Pedialyte in Bed Because He Can't Stand


Photo by uzi978 / CC BY-SA 2.0

 Wa wa wa. Brandon Fishman (C ’20) is a big ol’ baby. 

Brandon is such a little crybaby he might as well be in Pampers. He’s drinking Pedialyte, a beverage for babies, and he can’t even walk!

Brandon’s been in bed for so long today, you better hope the soft part of his skull didn’t get dented.

Brandon the Big Baby didn’t even go to class today, because he could not talk or do math this morning— just like an infant. 

Oh no! Someone in the house is being too loud for wittle Bwandon. Don’t wake the baby up!

Now Baby Brandon is spitting up. I guess mommy forgot to burp him. Poor little guy. 

Wow, now he’s eating eggs. I didn’t know he could do solid foods yet!

Good job, Baby Brandon!