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Ladies: Does Your Man Have the Munchies or Has He Just Neglected to Feed Himself for a Week?


Photo by jp26jp / CC0

We all know the story:  your significant other took a quarter of an edible three hours ago and for the last fifteen minutes he’s been shoveling fries and a sandwich down his throat. He claims he has 'the munchies,' but it is widely known that Ben is incapable of feeding himself.  

You’ve been busy with exams and clubs the past week and haven’t seen him in six days. It’s entirely possible that he hasn’t had a sufficient meal in that span of time, so that raises the question "does he really have the munchies or is this his largest (and only) caloric intake of the last week?"

This is not to say all men are incapable of feeding themselves, of course. Some excel at eating bags of chips in bed. Others are more than capable of placing a chicken breast in the oven or boiling pasta. Some can even peel an orange. More likely than not, though, they rely on you to fulfill their basic nutritional needs.

Again, not to point fingers, but just think — when was the last time you saw Ben really eating something. If it was pulling apart a nacho platter at Distrito Happy Hour last week, you may want to look into alternative forms of food delivery. How does he feel about Soylent?