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Cute: This Professor Assigns Reading for His Lecture Class


Photo by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung / CC BY SA-2.0

It's a 60 person lecture with little student participation, no recitation, and no attendance policy. The only assignments are two essays. And guess what? Professor Vebber assigns a new reading for every single class. Adorable!

You gotta respect the guy for trying. You can tell in his eyes that he believes we'll really read the 36-page PDF he uploaded to Canvas after careful consideration of its relevance and quality of scholarship. 

You're students, he imagines, so you're here to learn. Right? 

Wrong, but it's so sweet that he thinks so!

He's such a sweetheart, really. Vebber allows laptops in class "as long as you don't use email or Facebook," but he never checks our screens, because he trusts us. He's like a little grandpa from a movie, but not quite as old.

The best part is that, even though he thinks we do the reading, he still spends half the class summarizing whatever was assigned for the day. He thinks we're just going over it together. SO precious!