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How to Feel Cool Even Though You Planned Your Own Birthday Pregame


Photo by Lauren Sorantino / The Daily Pennsylvanian

College can be tough on your self-esteem for a number of reasons, and the biggest reason is most likely that you find yourself planning your own birthday pregame each time the big day rolls around.

But you have friends! You definitely have friends. Good, close friends. You eat meals with them, you study with them, you watch movies with them, and you even drink with them — except on your birthday.  

For some reason, you have to force them to imbibe with you on your special day. That's okay, though. This phenomenon happens to everyone. Go ahead and make that birthday pregame Facebook event. Do not be embarrassed by the fact that you are the sole host of the event. Spend your birthday money on the free alcohol you will provide for your unsupportive friends. Hell, even go to Smokes for the third year in a row.

What? I'm not mad. I'm totally cool. I'm a cool girl, and I have friends. I don't feel bad that I will be hosting my own Amish-themed birthday pregame, and you shouldn't either.