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Hashtag Dope! Even This Student's Vomit Is on Theme for St. Patty's Day!


Photo by Paul Knittel / CC BY 2.0

This St. Patrick’s Day transformed Penn’s campus into a sea of green, orange and white (frat brothers) to celebrate our boi Saint Patrick (who converted thousands and forcefully exiled the druids from Ireland :/ )!

Students dartied in their most festive gear, but no one came out stuntin’ harder than Wharton junior Derek Harthman. 

“Dude, literally no one is flexing their Patty’s pride as hard as I am,” he said as bright green vomit dribbled down his chin and joined the massive splatter of it adorning his chest.

“I’m 16% Irish, you know?” he asked Under the Button as he downed another bright green JELL-O shot. “This one’s for my ancestors!”