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Happy Earth Day! Here's Some Pics of Me on Expensive Outdoorsy Trips

Photo by Grace Ginsburg / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Earth Day, a holiday created to raise awareness for the environmentalist movement, is today. It draws attention to issues like climate change and animal extinction and has more than one billion participants annually who honor the holiday by fundraising, participating in service projects, and more. 

As a YouthActivist™, I plan on participating slightly differently. Because I want to actually make a change this Earth Day, I am going to post an eight-slide Insta story highlighting all of the different multi-sport, guided trips I went on over the years. 

Like, I just love the earth so much. It was so beautiful when the sun was setting over my heated, salt-water pool in the Galapagos. It was also soooooo sick when we went biking over a crater in Israel. Like, come on, Earth! Stop being so pretty on my glamorous international expeditions!

I’m like, really freaking out about global warming. If all the turtles die, who am I going to swim with when I go back to my fave spot in Kauai? Def not my mom lol. Pleaseeee save the turtles so I don’t have to hang out with my mom in Hawaii! 

I def think pollution should go away. But like, don’t go away COMPLETELY, because I heard that particles in the air are what make sunsets so pink, you know? And if the sky isn’t pink, how am I going to have pics to post on Earth Day next year? 

My pic of me rock climbing in the Canadian Rockies not only highlights how outdoorsy and fit I am, but also raises awareness for the rocks. The rocks are gonna disappear if we don’t recycle! Save the freaking rocks! #savetherocks

Anyways, happy Earth Day. If you wanna make waves in the environmentalist movement just like I am, post some pics of you and your fam hiking in Switzerland or something.