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Here Are 4 Flouncy Skirts for You to Black out in This Fling


Photo by Chiara Cremaschi / CC BY-ND 2.0

Anyone who’s anyone knows that the most important part of Spring Fling is the fit you sport from darty to darty throughout the weekend. Whether or not you remember wearing any of your outfits, it is imperative that you find the perfect, springy getups to black out in. 

The pinnacle of this outfit, of course, is the white flouncy skirt donned by all the queens of Fling. If you are feeling stripped for outfit inspo, UTB is here to help. Below are some suggestions for some flouncy skirts perfect for every fling event! 


Skirt One:

Holy sh!t! That skirt is flouncy as fuck. You’re going to look stunning – just in time for your backlot DFMO with the fourth hottest guy in writing sem. Feel free to give us a little twirl as you start slurping your tequila sunrise. 


Skirt Two: 

Somebody call 911 – cuz shawty is truly fire burning on the dance floor. This is a PERFECT fling skirt for you to forget wearing. You’ll be the belle of the darn ball!


Skirt Three: 

This skirt redefines what it means to look flouncy. I will go so far as to say you will be……..the queen of flounce. Strut your stuff, girlfriend!  


Skirt Four:

Youch! This look is H-A-W-T. The only reason anyone would tell you to take a lap in this ensemble is to get another look at you. If you end up at Allegro’s at the end of the day, however, make sure to order a white pie to stop that pesky red sauce from infringing on your flouncy fit!